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  • From Mick Fleetwood...

    Still now let me say number one your art is beyond great and is soaked in Rock and Roll history!! I of course recieved the fantastic deluxe print!!... not framed yet buy now have found a suitable framer for the job.

    You SO captured every single person !! Mind blowing!! So Dean thank you for this to be treasured art!!

    The very Best to you.

    Mick Fleetwood (Fleetwood Mac)

  • Huge Rolling Stones Fan!

    Although I am a big online shopper, I don't usually buy art because of quality issues. That said, as a big stones fan I couldn't resist the Dean Turner offer. Well I was totally blown away by the quality of the canvass, and extremely impressed with the follow up service to take care of a wee issue! I am 100% satisfied, and have recommended to many of my friends. The VIP Room made a great 35th Anniversary gift, and hangs in our kitchen...Mick et al greets us every morning!

    Richard Chadwick
    Halton Hills ON Canada

  • Old Rock n Roller

    What sold me on the print that i bought from you is the subject matter... I’m an old rocknroller and a huge stones fan. I ordered your print through Facebook and the commercial interface was seamless and delivery was extremely quick...

    I’ve hung the print and enjoy it allot. Thanks allot and if your imagination comes up with anything else I would definitely consider adding it to my collection.

    Bill Mahoney
    Kelowna, BC Canada